drinks for life
at Ferino distillery

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Join our drinks club and get the early bird special for the Ferino Distillery Drinks for Life program!

The program rewards anyone that invests $100 or more with one drink at Ferino Distillery per month, for life. Seriously. Choose between cocktails, mixed drinks and shots of spirits made on site.

$100 Drinks for Life Membership
One drink per month, on the house, for as long as we both shall live.

$200 Drinks for Life Membership
Double the pleasure! Join at the $200 level and you'll get two memberships, plus an invite to an exclusive pre-launch party at the distillery before we are open to the public.

$500 Drinks for Life Membership
Our $500 supporters get two Drinks for Life memberships, an invite to our exclusive pre-launch party, and.....

Together we will develop a cocktail just for you! It will live on our secret menu and you can name it whatever you like. All our bartenders will know how to make your cocktail so you can come in and order it anytime.

$1,000 Drinks for Life Membership
Go all in! Our $1,000 supporters will get two memberships, an invite to our pre-launch party, the Secret Menu cocktail created just for you (see $500 membership), and.....

We will engrave a barstool with your name on it! It will literally be your seat at the bar and you'll forever be able to tell people "you're in my seat" (though you do have to promise to never kick anyone out of your seat).

What is Ferino Distillery?
We are a distillery, cocktail bar, retail shop and espresso bar opening Summer of 2019, in the heart of Reno’s Brewery District on 4th Street . Many know us for our award-winning Cannella Cinnamon Cordial, and we are currently building a brandy-focused distillery at 541 East 4th Street (previously occupied by our friends at Reno Bike Project).

We are running this campaign to garner support for our new 4th Street Distillery and to give out the deal of a lifetime: Drinks for Life! - Literally drinks for the rest of your life at our distillery!

No gimmicks. No tricks. One drink at Ferino Distillery, each month, for the rest of your life. This is a one time offer to help us launch, not something you will see again.

We are working hard to finish the buildout for our space, which will include a full production distillery, cocktail bar, coffee bar and retail shop.

Your participation will help us build out the space and get our initial production runs going early in the new year.

Please review our FAQs here: FerinoDistillery.com/drinksforlife-faqs

Drinks for Life Terms and Conditions at: FerinoDistillery.com/drinksforlife/terms